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Zeus Kiko Goats For Sale

Kiko Goats For Sale

LIT ROYAL'S MAHOGANY 051 - AKGA Registered 7/8 Kiko Doe

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Mahogany is a larger framed dark brown PROVEN Kiko Doe from one of our favorite Doe lines. She has demonstrated very strong maternal instincts and is highly protective of her kids. In fact, a few years back a stray dog managed to get inside of one of our pastures and attacked one of her young kids. Mahogany rushed to the attack and fended off the dog, almost certainly saving her young kid’s life and likely others too. She pinned the dog in a corner, and kept it there until I was able to get to the dog, secure it and remove it from the pasture. Talk about impressive! Mahogany is also quite friendly with people and is easy to manage. We have retained numerous Does from Mahogany, and they have proven to be great mothers too.

Kidding History:
2020 – Twins
2021 – Twins
2022 – Twins
2023 – Twins
2024 – Twins

***Mahogany will be available in about a month (after she weans her kids). She may be held on deposit.***

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