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Kiko Goats For Sale

LIT GUSTO'S MISTY 070 - AKGA Registered Purebred Kiko Doe

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Misty is a solid white AKGA Registered 2020 born Purebred Doe. She’s a PROVEN producer, having kidded twins in 2022, 2023 and 2024 without any assistance, intervention or supplementation needed. Misty has been DNA tested and parent verified with UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab. She is also high/high for Alpha S1 Casein (a favorable milk trait). Misty was attacked by a stray dog when she was just a kid. Thanks to the quick response of her Dam, the dog was chased off, and she came out unscathed with the exception of a small portion of one of her ears being bitten off. Though her registered name is Misty, we affectionately refer to her as “Nibbles” on the farm. She’s very tame, easily managed and worked, and is a terrific mother.

2022 – Twins
2023 – Twins
2024 – Twins

***Misty will be available in about a month (after she weans her kids). She may be held on deposit.***

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