TBR RESISTOL - Reference/AI Buck

 Herd Sire Bucks

When it comes to parasite resistance and outstanding performance tested genetics, Resistol stands at the head of the pack. Just check out these achievements and highlights:

  • Resistol was 3rd lowest FEC and 7th overall in the 2015 Maryland Buck Test.
  • Resistol was the Top Selling Buck at the 2016 Bluegrass Performance Invitational (BPI) Sale in Kentucky.
  • Resistol sired the #1 and #2 Top Performing bucks at the 2018 West Virginia Buck test.
  • Resistol is sired by GAL BROWSER FS891, the 2012 Eastern Oklahoma Buck Test Overall Winner.
  • Resistol’s brother (TBR BUGFREE) was the 2016 Maryland Buck Test FEC Champ and #3 overall.
  • Another brother of Resistol (TBR UNO) was the 2015 Maryland Buck Test #1 FEC Champ and 6th overall.
  • Resistol’s maternal grandsire (RAK AUSTIN’S BOY) was an outstandingly structured buck who was grandsire to numerous top ten overall finishers in the Maryland Buck Test and others.
  • Resistol’s paternal grandsire (MGR TITAN’S HAMMER) was the long-time performance test ADG champion from 2004 to 2014 with an on-test ADG of .63lbs per day. That record was previously held by Hammer’s own sire (AKR LIGHTIN’S TITAN N06)!

We are utilizing TBR Resistol in our Laparoscopic AI and Embryo Transfer program this year (2019) and will be looking forward to seeing his kids at Little Platte Farm in the Spring of 2020.

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