LIT ROSE’S BLOSSOM - AKGA Registered 7/8 Doe

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Will be available Summer 2021.

“Blossom” is a solid white AKGA registered 7/8 Kiko doe and comes from some really good stock! Her dam (LIT ROSE) has had an enormously positive influence on our herd, and her sire (JAW GUSTO) has sired a huge number of the does in our herd. Gusto is a tremendous doe producer, and Blossom is a great example of that. Since Blossom is a 7/8, her offspring are eligible for registration as purebreds as long as she is bred to a registered purebred or fullblood kiko buck. Blossom is registered with the AKGA and she is also eligible for registration with the NKR and IKGA. Blossom has been tested by the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab for Alpha s1 Casein as “high/high” (B/B). This is considered to have a positive impact on the growth rate of nursing kids. Blossom singled as a first freshener in 2019 and kidded twins in 2020. We have retained two does from her. They’re great. She has never needed assistance during birthing nor when raising her kids. She has extremely strong maternal instincts just like her mother (LIT ROSE). Blossom is also extremely friendly and easy to manage.

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