LIT ROSE - AKGA Registered 3/4 Kiko Doe

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“Rose” is a very large spring of 2017 born doe. She is an AKGA registered 3/4 Kiko, and is eligible for registration with ALL THREE Registries (AKGA, IKGA and NKR). The other 1/4 is Boer. Rose has the typical white body red head coloring of a Boer even though it’s just 1/4 of her. Rose has been an absolute kid making machine for us. Twins in 2018. Twins in 2019. Quads in 2020! She has successfully birthed and raised them all by herself without any assistance, and her kids are always impressive at weaning. In 2019, she also raised an additional foster kid, so even though she had twins that year, she raised three kids. Her maternal qualities, along with her twin sister (LIT DAISY, also for sale currently), are the best I’ve seen. As part of our registered breed up program, she has made an enormous impact on our herd. Rose is extremely friendly and a breeze to work.

Pictures coming soon!

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