LIT GUSTO'S DOTTIE 078 - AKGA Registered 7/8 Kiko

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Dottie is a 2020 born 7/8 Doe. Bred to a registered purebred or nz buck, Dottie will give you offspring that are eligible for registration as purebreds. She comes from an outstanding doe line that has consistently produced triplets and quads on our farm. In fact, Dottie is a quad. Her dam (LIT DAISY) successfully kidded all four kids without assistance and raised them all without any intervention or supplementation needed. Dottie’s sire (JAW GUSTO) has been an outstanding doe producer on our farm, and we expect great things from Dottie. Since her sire and dam are both high/high for Alpha s1 Casein, Dottie is high/high as well. AS1C is a favorable genetic trait that results in the production of higher levels of proteins and fats in her milk, which means more nutrition going into her nursing kids every year.

AKGA registration is pending.

  • Date of Birth : 2020-04-13
  • Breed : Kiko
  • Breed Classification : 7/8
  • Birth Rank : Quad
  • Registry : AKGA
  • Registration Number : Registration pending.
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