Herd Sire Bucks

Gusto is a wide chested, solid framed buck, strongly influenced by some of the truly great early foundation bucks like BTH BETULA HILL MONEYMAKER, SPK SUNBOY WACO 139 (Lightin’), GOATEX GENERATOR, GGL GOATEX GOLIATH and others. He has proven to be a terrific doe maker here at Little Platte Farm, passing on strong maternal qualities, excellent udder structure and high parasite resistance.  He is also A/B (high/high) for Alpha s1 Casein (a milk protein believed to assist in higher growth rates of nursing kids).

  • Gusto’s great grandsire (AKR LIGHTIN’S TITAN N06) held the all-time ADG record at the Fort Valley buck test until his son (Hammer) finally broke it.
  • Gusto sired the two top ADG Doelings at Little Platte in 2019.
  • Gusto sired the top ADG Buckling at Little Platte in 2018.
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