FAB ROYAL - AKGA Registered Purebred Kiko Buck

 Herd Sire Bucks

Royal is an impressive blue roan AKGA registered Purebred Kiko buck who has served as one of our main herd sires since 2018. He is an excellently structured buck with ample muscle and length. He’s never required hoof trimming or deworming. His pedigree is packed with performance proven, nationally tested bucks, and he lives up to that legacy exceptionally well. We have been quite pleased with the quality of kids that he has produced, and have retained a very large number of does from him in our herd.


Royal is the kind of buck you like to build a herd around, not an easy one to let go of. He’s been absolutely fantastic here, but with the number of does that we’ve retained from him, he’s basically out of a job for at least a few seasons if he remains with us here. So, it’s really more appropriate for him to bring his great traits to another farm at this point. This one really does have it all.

Royal has a nice mix of performance tested genetics in his pedigree, including SKY 213 BLUE’S COPYRIGHT, ELH BLUE’S SON, MGR TITANS RC, AKR LIGHTIN’S TITAN N06 and SPK SUNBOY WACO 139 to name just a few. We expect big things from Royal in the coming years.

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