089 - Rex - Purebred AKGA Buckling

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Rex is a flashy spring of 2020 born triplet buckling with a very nice performance focused pedigree. He should throw a lot of colorful kids with fast growth, solid structure and excellent parasite resistance. Rex is the offspring of two relatively new acquisitions for Little Platte Farm and is unrelated to most of the does and doelings we have available currently. His sire FAB GUNSMOKE is an AKGA registered fullblood New Zealand Kiko and his dam LOO PROPENSITY’S TEX 852 is an AKGA registered Purebred Kiko. Tex birthed an awesome set of triplets this year as a first freshener, Rex being one of them.

Birth Weight: 5.5 lbs
Birth Rank: Triplet
60 Day ADG: .40 lbs/day

Price of $500 includes all costs for registration with the AKGA as well as DNA verification with the University of California Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab. Also eligible for registration with NKR and IKGA if the future owner decides to do that later down the road.

  • Date of Birth : 2020-04-17
  • Breed : Kiko
  • Breed Classification : American Purebred
  • Birth Rank : Triplet
  • Registry : AKGA
  • Registration Number : Will be registered at time of sale
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