060 - Baron - Commercial Kiko Buck


Baron is a flashy Spring ’19 born purebred commercial Kiko buckling with terrific body structure and outstanding average daily weight gain on a forage only diet. Combine that with his excellent scrotal structure and circumference as well as 1×1 correct teats, and he’s showing himself to be a solid herd sire candidate. He was born as a twin. We have been extremely impressed with his fast growth and excellent structure. Baron is sired and grandsired by DNA Verified AKGA registered purebred Kiko bucks. Sire: MKG 38-15 ZEUS. Maternal Grandsire: JAW GUSTO.

Tag#: 060
DOB: 5/19/19
Birth Weight: 6.0 lbs
Average Daily Gain: .439 lbs per day
Birth Rank: Twin

Baron has been sold. Congrats on your new buck Jason!

  • Date of Birth : 2019/05/19
  • Breed : Kiko
  • Birth Rank : Twin
  • Registry : N/A - Commercial Only
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