056 - Blue Boy - Purebred AKGA Kiko Buck

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Meet “Blue Boy”. His name might not be very original, but not to worry… If you become the lucky owner of him you can change it to whatever you prefer. 🙂 This impressive blue roan buckling posted the third highest average daily gains of all our AKGA registration eligible purebred bucklings this year. He has excellent structure and excellent scrotal circumference for his age. Blue Boy has been serving as a fence line teaser buck to help synchronize heat cycles on some of our adult does in preparation for artificial insemination, and has demonstrated a strong breeding instinct.

Birth Weight = 6.0
ADG = .404

Price of $450 includes all costs for registration with the AKGA as well as DNA verification with the University of California Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab.

  • Date of Birth : 2019/05/02
  • Breed : Kiko
  • Breed Classification : American Purebred
  • Birth Rank : Twin
  • Registry : AKGA
  • Registration Number : Will be registered at time of sale
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